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5 Principles for Collegiate Ministry

5 Leadership Principles for Collegiate Ministry by Paul Worcester and Shane Pruitt offers helpful strategies for those involved in college ministry. The eBook emphasizes the strategic importance of engaging college students, who are often at a pivotal stage in life, open to spiritual conversations, and in need of mentorship. The authors, drawing from their personal experiences and successes in collegiate ministry, outline five key principles: Mobilizing Extraordinary Prayer, Bold and Broad Evangelism, Deep and Personal Disciple-Making, Intentional Leadership Development, and Creating a Sending Culture. Each principle is designed to help ministry leaders effectively engage, equip, and empower students, fostering a robust and dynamic collegiate ministry.

This eBook is a helpful resource for anyone passionate about collegiate ministry or looking to make a significant impact on the next generation of leaders. It provides practical insights and actionable steps that can be implemented across various ministry models, whether campus-based, church-based, or collegiate-focused church planting. By emphasizing the unique opportunities and challenges of ministering to college students, Worcester and Pruitt offer a compelling guide that encourages collaboration and innovation. Readers will find inspiration and practical tools to enhance their ministry efforts and contribute to a larger movement of spiritual revival among college students. Read the eBook here.

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