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We Exist to Encourage, Connect, and Support Churches that are Multiplying God’s Kingdom.

We are not the local church, but we exist to assist the local church and leaders in revitalizing, sustaining, and planting the local church.


Connecting Churches to Churches

The Eastern Baptist Association exists to encourage, connect, and support churches that are multiplying God’s kingdom. We are not the local church, but we exist to assist the local church and leaders in revitalizing, sustaining, and planting the local church.


We assist local churches in adapting to current challenges, to more effectively reaching their communities, and achieving more collectively than they could on their own. We are a relational network of pastors and churches. Through collaborative networking and strategic resourcing, we empower churches to explore innovative ways to expand their impact and, when ready, embark on the journey of starting new churches.

Connecting for Kingdom Impact

Church Planting

The EBA works with member churches and regional partners to identify & assess potential church planters, working to provide them with resources and support. We believe that new churches are an essential part of God’s plan to expand His kingdom and so we work with churches to start new churches.


The EBA is a platform for pastors to connect with their peers, fostering a supportive community for mutual encouragement. Through regional events, seminars, and conferences, the EBA facilitates networking opportunities where pastors can share insights, strategies, and experiences, contributing to their professional and personal growth. This network not only nurtures pastoral development but also cultivates lasting friendships that provide emotional and spiritual support throughout their ministries.

Pastoral Support

The Eastern Baptist Association plays a crucial role in supporting pastors by facilitating access to counseling and training opportunities. Pastors often face unique challenges in their roles, and the EBA helps to provide affordable, confidential counseling services to help them navigate personal and professional issues. Additionally, the association offers a range of training programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance pastors' leadership skills, pastoral care abilities, and theological knowledge, empowering them to serve their congregations effectively.

Church Strengthening

New and established churches have ongoing training and support needs. The EBA provides local training designed to strengthen pastors and church leaders, increasing the effectiveness and faithfulness of the local church.

Abuse Prevention and Training

The Eastern Baptist Association, in collaboration with the Baptist Convention of Maryland and Delaware, has launched the Pathways initiative, designed to empower pastors in safeguarding children and vulnerable individuals within their congregations. Through Pathways, pastors gain access to comprehensive training, resources, and best practices in child protection and care. This initiative not only ensures a safe environment but also equips pastors with the knowledge and tools to create nurturing and secure spaces for all members of their church community. Link:

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Regionally focused

We serve Queen Anne County, Maryland to the Virginia state line and the lower third of Sussex County, Delaware. The city of Salisbury, Maryland is considered the local home of the EBA.

Church Revitalization

Established churches often encounter problems due to slow decline or difficult situations. The EBA helps point churches toward an intentional process that helps them recapture their mission and refocus their vision, returning them to mission effectiveness.

Internships and Residencies

The Eastern Baptist Association plays a pivotal role in nurturing future church leaders by facilitating church internships and residencies. Through mentorship and hands-on experience, aspiring leaders are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to become pastors and church planters. This initiative fosters a strong sense of community and ensures a steady pipeline of dedicated individuals committed to serving their congregations and communities.

Serious Conversation

The EBA works in cooperation with the Baptist Convention of Maryland and Delaware (BCM/D) and its affiliated associations, as well as the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Our relationship is cooperative and non-hierarchical.

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Pulpit Supply

The EBA maintains a list of qualified and engaging speakers, ready to encourage and lead congregations. Our speakers possess the necessary theological knowledge and public speaking skills to deliver impactful sermons consistent with conservative, evangelical, baptist beliefs. Whether a church needs a guest preacher or a pastoral interim, the EBA is a trusted resource for finding dynamic speakers who can minister effectively to the spiritual needs of their congregation.

Pulpit Search & Crisis Management

The Eastern Baptist Association offers crucial assistance to churches facing internal conflicts by providing access to experienced mediators and conflict resolution resources. Through guidance and support, the EBA helps churches navigate these challenges while preserving unity and harmony among their members. Additionally, the association offers valuable insights and best practices for selecting and hiring new leaders, ensuring that churches avoid potential pitfalls and make well-informed decisions. In times of leadership transition, the EBA can also help churches find the right interim leader, matching their unique needs and vision with qualified individuals who can guide the congregation during this crucial period of transition.

Convention Resources

We serve as a link for local churches, connecting them to information and resources within the Southern Baptist Convention network. Whether a church is interested in church planting initiatives, international missions, or partnership with the Baptist Convention of Maryland and Delaware, the EBA can provide guidance and facilitate these connections. By leveraging the EBA's extensive network and affiliations, churches can tap into a wealth of support, expertise, and opportunities to expand their ministries and outreach efforts.


Eastern Baptist Association

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